2022 Social Media Design Trends

03/02/2022   •   Profession news
2022 Social Media Design Trends
Looking for new ways to give your social media presence a boost in 2022? Your visual elements can play a key role, and can help to ensure that your posts and updates stand out in increasingly busy news feeds. If you’re considering your visual approach, this will help – the team from Tailwind recently conducted a study to determine the key visual trends that are most likely to resonate in 2022. The four main trends include: 

1. Jet set – vintage washes, modern lines and playful embellishments pair with retro fonts to remind us of possibilities hidden in our yesterdays. 
2. All organic – muted organic colors, floral and foliage patterns and the quirky, playful shapes, of Matisse are taking off. Throw in elegant and timeless Serif headlines with gentle Sans Serif subtitles and you’ve got an All Organic style. 
3. Vivid Dreams – Design is hurling us back to the 90’s with fervor, where bright pops up color, patch art, bold and whimsical fonts, and plastic florals reigned supreme. 
4. Look to the future – The future is bright, and boy is in it. From zen-inspired lines to glowy gradients, people are bending shapes, bold and clean fonts, and dimensions in their visuals. 

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