2023 Forecast: 10 PR Trends We'd Like To See

02/07/2023   •   Profession news
2023 Forecast: 10 PR Trends We'd Like To See
Industry leaders, along with PRovoke Media editors, weigh in on the trends they would like to see as the PR industry aims to rebound from the global pandemic. 

After several years of forecasting annual trends at PRovoke Media, last year we decided to change things up, dispensing with a reductive format that often recycled issues and looked backwards as much as forwards. 

The Covid-19 era, along with the Ukraine conflict and widespread economic turbulence, has made something of a mockery of conventional crystal ball gazing. As accepted wisdom changes at a dizzying pace, who can really predict what will happen tomorrow, much less new communications trends and issues over the next 12 months? 

Accordingly, this year, we've again partnered with a handful of industry leaders from across the globe to describe what we'd like to see play out this year. Hopefully, the ideas featured here will give us all something to aim for in 2023, without ignoring the critical challenges that face the public relations profession. 

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