3 tips for planning your next epic PR event

11/09/2022   •   Profession news
3 tips for planning your next epic PR event
Setting a world record takes careful planning. Setting (even attempting to) a world record can be a fun and effective way to generate lots of media buzz in a big way. Whether you’re planning an event to attempt a record break, involve a local community or launch a new product, keep these top tips in mind:

1. Give yourself enough planning runway. You’re essentially planning two experiences: one for attendees and participants, and another for media. Balance your view between logistical details and the holistic big picture. Carefully consider the amount of time needed for each element of the plan. 2. Design the event to keep your client at center stage. Partners can be a great asset to share logistic responsibilities, expenses and success, but your client should be the hero.
3. Have an ironclad contingency plan. As the old saying goes, even the best laid plans often go awry. For example, determine timing based in part on other happenings typically occurring near or during your event timeframe that could compete for media attention. inally, prepare publication/broadcast ready materials for media to use even if the results of the event aren’t those you anticipated.

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