32nd McDonald’s restaurant opened in Serbia

04/08/2022   •   Customer news
32nd McDonald’s restaurant opened in Serbia
A new, 32nd McDonald’s restaurant in Serbia was opened, the 22nd in Belgrade, and the first in Žarkovo. About 2 million euros have been invested in this restaurant. McDonald’s restaurant in Žarkovo is Drive In, it also includes McCafe and a garden. It has digital menu boards, both in the restaurant and on the Drive line. 

Also, this restaurant has ordering terminals - self order kiosks, so guests can independently, using the touch screen, choose the desired products, order them and pay by card at the terminal, or cash at a special checkout. The working hours of the McDonald’s restaurant in Žarkovo are from 7 am to midnight throughout the week, while the Drive line will be open non-stop, ie from 00: 00-24: 00. 

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