75 years of Galenika

08/03/2020   •   Customer news
75 years of Galenika

This year marks the jubilee of Galenika's business and on this occasion Ricardo Vian Marques, CEO of Galenika, spoke for the new issue of Profit magazine. Ricardo pointed out that the acquisition of Galenika is the most important acquisition of the NC Group in Europe and that it has proven to be a real strategic partnership. Among other things, he mentioned that last year was extremely good for Galenika, considering the achieved results in production, sales, growth of market share in Serbia, but also on the foreign market, as well as the expansion of the portfolio.

Ricardo mentioned that this is a great jubilee that carries a great deal of responsibility and that he believes in the local team, thanks to whose potential and incomparable expertise, constant growth towards the position of market and regional leader can be achieved while focusing on the future.

The whole interview can be read in the latest issue of Profit magazine.