A Berlin diary and how the European PR Oscar arrived in Serbia

01/09/2024   •   Agency news
A Berlin diary and how the European PR Oscar arrived in Serbia
This year was not the first time that we have believed in agency projects and submitted candidacies for European PR awards. It's not even the first time we've entered the finals or won awards. But, this is the first European Excellence Award (EEA) for Chapter 4 PR in Serbia and it carries a special honor because it is a recognition for exceptional quality and creativity in communications, in competition with over 700 of the best European projects. 

We came to Berlin unprepared for the German winter and blizzard, but full of enthusiasm because among the finalists for the EEA, we had as many as two projects by our agency from Serbia – the "Hello Twenties" project by the Galenika company and the "Plus for the planet – change starts with you" project by the PepsiCo company. 

Carried by the thought that it was also a great success, but wishing for an "Oscar" in our hands, we arrived at the Wintergarten Theater. It is a variety theater built in 1887, which, after the destruction in the Second World War, has never been more beautiful and luxurious. This edifice seemingly nonchalantly carries the burden of history but actually represents a lesson in perseverance and facing challenges. 

It was exactly 19:00 that evening in Berlin on December 8, 2023. The band's musical feat on stage was the sign that the gala event was about to begin and the exceptional cabaret program was the prelude to the awards ceremony. Kristina Bautina's acrobatic-artistic performance on stage had a meditative effect – the splendor of her point existed only now and here in this unusual setting. The host of the program was the fantastic Erik Eklund, impeccably prepared, flexible for inevitable unforeseen situations, and at the same time funny enough that you don't want to look at your phone for a single moment. 

It was our category's turn. The nominated finalists were announced, and our hearts skipped a beat twice – because of two clients and two of our projects that were presented. The project "Plus for the planet – change starts with you" by the company PepsiCo and the agency Chapter 4 was declared the winner in the Balkans category! 

As in the categories prior to ours, the support of colleagues resounded with the audience. Walking out on stage, we heard thunderous applause. It is allied, collegial applause that carries respect, and trust in the jury, the organization, the profession, and its integrity. The commitment of colleagues from all over Europe to see off and support each other was incredible throughout the evening. 

We are still overwhelmed with a feeling of immense pride in the entire team, clients, and cooperation. This award represents the crown of the work so far and is a huge honor. And we are infinitely happy and grateful that we are an example of the highest European quality of the profession. Both of our projects in the final were focused on the social responsibility of client companies, which gives them special importance because a successful business is one with a purpose. 

A deep bow to all the finalists and all the winners of the European Excellence award, but also to all those who were hardworking and brave enough to apply and believe. Special praises to the organization because we know how complex top events are, especially when you try to surpass yourself and your high expectations every year. 

This was a good year for our team and Chapter 4 PR agency. We expanded cooperation with existing clients, we won new clients and new projects this year, we trained internally at various pieces of training, we tried to contribute to the development of the profession through participation in various conferences, and in the end, awards arrived, and even the biggest and the brightest one. 

PR and communications is a profession that requires work and dedication not only to current projects but also to continuous learning, focus on strategy, nurturing curiosity and creativity, and stimulating innovation. It is a constant development. 

In this year, we wish all of us perseverance and development, listening, understanding, and good communication, as well as many extraordinary ideas that push the boundaries and enter the book of best practices.


The article was published in the new issue of Profit magazine.