A new study from Mastercard Economics Institute

10/14/2022   •   Customer news
A new study from Mastercard Economics Institute
Amidst an ever-changing and unprecedented global economy, the choices consumers make in what, where and when they spend today may help reveal where we are headed next. The Mastercard Economics Institute’s “Shifting Wallets” report looks at how consumers across the world are holding tight to habits that offer convenience, experience or both. 

The latest Mastercard Economics Institute report applies unique and high-frequency economic measurements to answer three key questions — what, where and when — consumers are shifting their spending preferences. 

Key findings include: 

  1. Spending on grocery online surges 70% above pre-pandemic levels
  2. Global consumer flight bookings throughout this summer stayed 15% above 2019 levels
  3. Remote work trends impact how we live and where we spend - as a result, the "weekend" is starting early.

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