ADBOOKA 23: Empathy as the "superpower" on the market

11/20/2023   •   Agency news
ADBOOKA 23: Empathy as the "superpower" on the market
Is empathy important for a company's survival on the market?

Empathy is necessary in order to be innovative and competitive on the market today (and tomorrow). It is no longer a question of one of the business skills – it is the organizational "superpower" of a successful business. It is important for companies in the process of planning and implementing business and communication activities, shaping messages, building and improving business relationships, as well as attracting and retaining employees. 

The practice and skills of empathy are beneficial for employers and employees, as they have a positive effect on motivation and loyalty. At the company level, this results in better agility and successful overcoming of crises and challenges. Teams that manage to form strong bonds have higher levels of productivity, satisfaction, and belonging. 

How does empathy help communication professionals make a genuine connection with clients and their consumers? 

In our work with companies and brands, we see every day that those who base their business and communication on empathy strengthen relationships with consumers, users, and the community. That's why it's no surprise that it plays an important role in PR and building and maintaining relationships with stakeholders: if you don't have empathy – you can't work well or cooperate with others. 

In the heart of empathy is understanding – the ability to put yourself in another person's shoes. If we try to get to know and understand people, their values and beliefs (attitudes, habits, aspirations, fears, needs, as well as what drives them), then we can establish a better dialogue with them. This applies to the internal public and employees, and external target groups – consumers and users, clients, media, business partners, local community... all with whom we communicate directly or indirectly. 

Considering the increasing use of artificial intelligence, will empathy make a difference in the communication industry in the coming period? 

The use of artificial intelligence is a hot topic all over the world, and we are increasingly seeing its application in our industry as well. AI tools can analyze text and speech and identify emotions, providing insights into the interlocutor's feelings. Increased emotional awareness can contribute to creating a more compassionate and empathic environment by expressing understanding and support. I believe that AI tools will be able to help foster a more inclusive environment in this way. However, don't forget that artificial intelligence is just a tool and that we have to build and nurture our own skills and "superpowers" individually and as a team, at the organizational level. 

How much is emotional intelligence valued in our industry today? 

I think it is increasingly appreciated – a good voice can be heard far away, literally. Listening and understanding skills are extremely important in our industry and are the foundation of everything we do. 

Tamara Bekčić, director and co-founder of the Chapter 4 agency 


The article was initially prepared for this year's edition of Marketing mreza’s project AdBooka, which was published this November.