African National Park Virunga in Danger

08/15/2013   •   Profession news
African National Park Virunga in Danger

According to the latest WWF report, the oldest African National park Virunga is threatened by oil exploration.
Virunga is a valuable asset of the Democratic Republic of Congo and contributes to the natural heritage of Africa as the oldest park with the greatest biological diversity on the continent.
The plans for oil exploration and utilization of oil reserves put at risk the value of Virunga.
If the oldest African Virunga National Park are managed in a sustainable way, rather than being used for harmful exploitation of oil and its services, it could bring to the local population $ 1.1 billion a year.
Through investment in hydropower, the fishing industry and the ecotourism, Virunga National Park has the potential to create 45,000 permanent jobs, have shown the analysis that was done by an independent consulting firm Dalberg Global Development Advisors. The study "The economic value of the Virunga National Park" indicates that the concession for the exploitation of oil, which were given to more than 85% of the park area, might cause pollution, political instability and cost people their jobs.