Agency Special: Chapter 4 PR

09/26/2023   •   Agency news
Agency Special: Chapter 4 PR
For the new issue of the Marketing mreža magazine, as part of the Agency Special supplement, Tamara Bekčić, director and co-founder of the Chapter 4 agency, answered questions about this and the previous year in business, as well as about the expected direction of development of the PR industry in the coming years. We convey the statement in its entirety:

Last year was successful. The more challenges there are, the more we all appreciate the success we've achieved.

During the year 2023, global challenges and risks have surpassed everything we have experienced in previous years, and the consequences are felt both in Serbia and in the region. Changes in market conditions affect the business of clients and the priorities in the communication support that we provide to companies as their PR partners. 

The PR industry is very dynamic and continues to evolve through technology and humanization, which provides balance and value creation to the company and society. 

In the future, I expect that strategic consulting in communications and ESG will be the most important areas, as without them tactical activities cannot give their maximum. 

The operational integration of communication functions (external, internal, marketing, ESG) is becoming increasingly important for the reputation of companies. The best practice directs us to a high level of cooperation, which we see more and more in our country. Employer experience and Customer experience go hand in hand because together they give the best results. And expectations are high, from companies, brands, and employers. 

Artificial intelligence is extremely current. Global research shows that the use of AI in communications is on the rise. Serbia lags behind in terms of the frequency of its use, but is moving in that direction. There are of course challenges that we are aware of, so we expect more regulation and risk mitigation in the future.