Aleksandra Perišić and Galenika together towards new successes

07/10/2024   •   Customer news
Aleksandra Perišić and Galenika together towards new successes
Galenika, a pharmaceutical giant, has signed a sponsorship agreement with Aleksandra Perišić, a young member of the Serbian national team in taekwondo. As a responsible company that recognizes the importance of investing in sports and young talents, Galenika will provide continuous support so that Aleksandra is fully dedicated to training and competitions. 

“We are proud to start supporting Alexandra on our 79th birthday in order to achieve better conditions for further sporting success, which is the primary goal. Additionally, through our "Hello Twenties" project, Galenika invests significant funds and knowledge in educating young people about healthy lifestyles and habits. In this sense, we believe that Alexandra's story as a young champion can be an encouraging role model for 20-year-olds in the steps towards acquiring healthy habits and a healthier future,” said Ricardo Marques, General Manager of Galenika. 

In the last three years since she has been competing in the senior competition, the young taekwondo champion Aleksandra Perišić has won several medals at the most important taekwondo competitions in Europe and the world, the most important of which are the European champion title in 2023 and the vice-champion title of the world in 2022. In addition, Aleksandra was presented as the best sportswoman of Belgrade for 2023. 

“I am very pleased that a company such as Galenika has decided to support me and help me focus on my further sports efforts. I believe that with this help I will achieve even better results”, said Aleksandra Perišić when signing the contract.
Aleksandra Perišić and Galenika together towards new successes