Application for Hello twenties internship opened

04/26/2022   •   Customer news
Application for Hello twenties internship opened
The "Hello Twenties" platform has announced a competition for a six-month, professional, paid internship for four positions of content creators of the website. For the second year in a row, the socially responsible platform of the Galenika company provides an opportunity for students to improve their communication and digital skills and express their creative side when editing the portal 

In the period of six months, four selected candidates will be engaged in designing, planning, and editing the content of the site, but also in running the social network "Hello Twenties". Through teamwork, they will contribute to the development of innovative and useful content for young people, and in addition to the opportunity to show the acquired knowledge and research skills, they will also get a chance to hear their voice in a community of 12,000 young people from Serbia and the region. 

"After great interest in last year's competition, the second season of practice on the "Hello Twenties" project was inevitable. We are extremely glad that this year we are giving young people a chance to participate in the creation of creative content with the support of mentors, which aims to change the lifestyle and adopt healthy habits among 20-year-olds. Through the "Hello Twenties" platform, the Galenika company aims to provide credible and verified information to young people in the sea of numerous and untested, and at the same time to give young people a chance to develop their creative skills and acquire new knowledge through practice," said Jelena Parojčić, executive director for human resources at Galenika. 

All information on how to apply, conditions and details of engagement for the internship program can be found at the LINK.