Apply, fight for $100,000 and become the HELL Boxing Kings Champion

02/02/2024   •   Customer news
Apply, fight for $100,000 and become the HELL Boxing Kings Champion
HELL ENERGY will organize the HELL Boxing Kings international boxing championship in 2024, and the prize fund is over $1,000,000. As part of the championship, the best, most prepared athletes from ten countries will be selected, AND will eventually fight in four categories to win the title of champion of HELL Boxing Kings. Famous faces in three categories will also fight in the ring during the live broadcast. The best ones from all participating countries also compete for the top prize of $100,000 and the glory that HELL Boxing Kings will bring them. 

Under the slogan "You choose your dreams yourself, HELL Boxing Kings allows you to do so!" the organizer invites all those interested to apply for participation in the international boxing championship. Participants from the following countries can apply: Hungary, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Romania, Greece, Bulgaria and Azerbaijan. The application lasts from February 1 to March 15, 2024, on the page, with the condition that the candidate has reached the age of 18. 

The champions of certain categories receive 100,000 dollars along with the title, that is, the possibility of a professional contract with HELL ENERGY Promotion. Not only active athletes can compete for valuable prizes, but also amateurs can enter the ring. This championship opens the way to the world of professional sports for those boxers or other martial skills sportists, but so far have not had the opportunity to prove themselves. 

Entrants will present themselves at castings that will be held in their countries, starting in March. The fighters, who will be selected on that occasion, expect elimination fights in June, and in November they can prove themselves in the semi-finals. The quarter-finals, semi-finals, and finals will be broadcast live. The fights will be broadcast on the YouTube channel of HELL Boxing Kings, that is, on the media platforms of the championship. 

The final will be held in December 2024 in Hungary. As part of the gala program, like those in Las Vegas, stars and even one of the most successful boxers of all time, nine-time world champion Roy Jones Jr., the main face of HELL Boxing Kings, will perform. 

You can watch the announcement video of HELL Boxing Kings at this link.