Barbie phenomenon

07/21/2023   •   Profession news
Barbie phenomenon
As if the whole world became pink. Previous months were marked by the expectation of the global premiere of the Barbie movie, and these days the premiere is also current in our country. Here you can see some of the numerous collaborations inspired by the movie, you will be surprised by the number of them. Every online or offline shop window contains something inspired by the Barbie pink color. For us, who were growing up with Barbie dolls and in the midst of Barbie mania, wishing for each new piece of a toy and her world, the pink reentered the big door of our everyday lives. 

Impressions and reviews are considerably available, but that does not diminish the hype around this lasting global phenomenon. It seems we all need a look through pink-colored glasses sometimes, and now more than ever. Can Barbie become the new Marvel in the Mattel universe? You can read here what BizLife magazine says about that.

Photo: YouTube screenshot