Be a part of the Neum Underwater Film Festival

07/18/2023   •   Customer news
Be a part of the Neum Underwater Film Festival
Neum Underwater Film Festival is a unique underwater film festival in the world in terms of the number of gathered artists and submitted underwater films, the chosen selectors and jury, and has included Neum on the world map of cultural events of this type. 

The third consecutive Neum Underwater Film Festival takes place in Neum, Hotel Zenit, on August 18 and 19, 2023, organized by the Standard Association and sponsored by the Municipality of Neum. 

The Neum Underwater Film Festival organizer, the Standard Association, invites amateurs and professionals, curious and accidental videographers to register their underwater film and follow the instructions on the website

“The underwater films submitted so far impress with their quality and diversity, both from the new authors and authors who have already submitted their new underwater films at the Festival for the third year in a row. This year too, during the first day of the Festival, we will show a program of student and amateur films (Fest&val) along with the main screening award night on Friday, August 18 at the Zenit Hotel in Neum, and we will continue on the following day, August 19, when we will hold a film workshop on the topic 'How to shoot an underwater film', with details on how to shoot creatively underwater, led by Lorenzo Moscia, one of the winners of the Neum Underwater Film Festival in 2022, and he won with the 'Water Underwatervision' underwater film”, says Ivo Mikulić, founder of the Neum Underwater Film Festival. 

On the first evening of the Festival, August 18, the Neum Underwater Film Festival awards prizes in five categories (for the best film, the best camera, the best music, the best eco-film, and the best BH underwater film), and the Audience Award. 

The festival had the honor of hosting authors from Great Britain, Spain, Austria, Italy, and other countries, and showing the works of authors such as Gareth Bartlett (Grand Prix Mike & Maurice), Mare Milin, Vinko Ćemeraš, Sandra Madjanović, Julia Giros, Nebojša Vojnović, Clayton Cohn (Grand Prix King of Tigers (Shark), Blaine Henderson, Lorenzo Mosia, Francesco Cabras, and others. 

Neum Underwater Film Festival is an underwater film festival in the city of Neum in Herzegovina, where people do not have to dive in order to experience the pleasure of the underwater world, but from the comfort of the Zenit Hotel they can follow the new achievements of the underwater world film. Note to all underwater videographers: Please note that submitted films must contain at least 50% of the footage underwater.