Breast Cancer Awareness Month

10/04/2021   •   Customer news
Breast Cancer Awareness Month
On the occasion of the Breast Cancer Awareness Month , the company Galenika will donate funds to the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia this year as well. From each Pantenol product purchased during October (whether it is Pantenol cream, ointment, solution, oriblets or foam), Galenika allocates 20 dinars for donation and assistance to the national institute that deals with the diagnosis, treatment and counseling of the largest number of breast cancer patients in our country. 

Breast cancer is the most common form of cancer and the month of the fight against this disease aims to raise awareness about the frequency of the disease and the importance of prevention and examination, ie early diagnosis, which significantly affects the therapy and successful treatment. Galenika actively supports the fight against breast cancer, guided by the principle of "Share-Remind-Check" because this is a topic that requires providing information and togetherness. 

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