Can fashion help the fight against breast cancer?

10/23/2020   •   Customer news
Can fashion help the fight against breast cancer?
On the chosen topic, Triple Jump Group company with its' brand Lindex initiated a journalistic competition with the aim to motivate the writing about an important problem of today - breast cancer and the fight for cure. Original texts have been published through joint cooperation, that contributed to spreading the media visibility of a topic that is extremely important for the entire nation, in which, unfortunately, this disease is widespread.

Fashion empowers women - nurtured and well-groomed woman is self-confident and filled with the positive energy needed to perform everyday duties, but also to overcome life's obstacles.
In the same way as she takes care of her appearance, what she will wear and the like, a woman should take care of her health, check herself regularly and go to the doctor. Preventive checkups are the most important step in the fight against this vicious disease, because if it is detected in time, breast cancer is curable. In the fight against breast cancer, it is important to convey the message that women are not alone, that together, both with the support of their loved ones and with the support of their favorite brands, they can emerge from this fight stronger than ever.

Below are links to the published texts through which the journalists tried to cover the topic in the spirit of expression that is characteristic of their portals: