Can PR professionals help regain trust in the media?

03/28/2023   •   Profession news
Can PR professionals help regain trust in the media?
Recently published Gallup & the Knight Foundation research shows that 50 percent of respondents in America believe that the majority of media houses spread disinformation on purpose, in order to impose their specific views. In short, that is what half of Americans think, which is quite alarming.

That issue, unfortunately, is not related only to the USA. According to a similar study conducted last year in 40 countries worldwide, many of them demonstrate a severe lack of trust in the media, and in some of them, it goes beyond American results. Speaking of trust in the media, Slovakia, Hungary, Taiwan, and Greece are amongst the worst in the world, besides the USA.

Speaking of Western Balkans, research was done in 2021. that shows we are not left behind by the USA and the world in that context. The highest rate of distrust in the media in this region is in Montenegro (62 percent), and the lowest is in Bosnia and Herzegovina (48 percent). According to the research mentioned above, 51 percent of respondents in Serbia do not trust the media.

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