Cannes Lions 2023 – Campaigns in English are the most creative

08/04/2023   •   Profession news
Cannes Lions 2023 – Campaigns in English are the most creative
The International Festival of Creativity Cannes Lions selected the best campaigns this year as well, mostly from creative agencies, awarding 34 Grand Prix’. Julian Boulding, from The Network One, a network that connects independent agencies, shared his impressions and observations, including what was talked about AI, which was a major topic at the festival of creativity. AI is being talked about everywhere, so we singled out particulars about awards from this comprehensive review

Who won?

Unlike previous years, there wasn’t any dominant agency, no one won more than three awards. But big agencies and their subsidiaries did dominate and won 21 Grand Prix, while independent agencies won eight. Three went to corporations and two to film productions. 

Where do winners come from?

Although organizers have representatives in more than 100 markets, with an encouragingly diverse jury, 21 GP went to five countries – USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand – in which English is spoken, which imposes a question of whether English is indeed the most effective language or the thing is more complex. 

What won? 

Last year, almost 90 percent of awarded work was purpose-driven. This year, there were 50 percent of those, which implies that at least one-half were really trying to sell something, leaving pointing out certain social issues to the others. 

Who it was made for? 

The majority of campaigns was made for global brands, although local and regional brands had their share, and institutions and charities as well. 

All works are available on the official website and on YouTube channel. We highly recommend you to watch them, since there are works really worth your attention, inspiring and motivating.