CEPER Research: Cars Dominant Form of Transport in CE

06/27/2023   •   Customer news
CEPER Research: Cars Dominant Form of Transport in CE
In Serbia 53% of citizens use cars, and in Slovenia even 91%. Who drives a car more often, who uses public transport, and who prefers a bicycle? 
More than 50 percent of respondents from 10 Central European countries used a car in the past week. Depending on the country, 24-52% travelled by public transport (including city transport, long-distances buses and trains). Next to the car and public transport, the bicycle is the most used means of transport. 

Individual transport habits are very important in the life of cities, as well as from a sustainability perspective. To map mobility habits, the CEPER company conducted the research in 10 Central European countries, and the results show that the car is the dominant form of transport for the citizens of this region, while public transport and bicycles are the most popular alternatives. 

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