Chapter 4 agency development - Maturity of communication on test

01/08/2020   •   Blog
Chapter 4 agency development - Maturity of communication on test

Exciting, challenging and creative - this is what 2019 was for us. If I were to judge by the type of clients, projects and campaigns we realized, I would say that creativity is a big asset in the hands of PR and that we have turned to an entrepreneurial mindset within the client's brand. We have made some bold decisions and introduced changes within the agency that make our team now more similar to a startup culture, above all creativity in dealing with business challenges and project management. We also apply integrated, innovative techniques to Chapter 4 agencies in Serbia, as well as across the region. In general, I think we should be very proud of the advancement of the profession and the achievements of the expertise and skills of our public relations colleagues.

We respect form - we are flexible

The agency has transformed some established partnerships and created new value, with clients, associates and employees. The change is unusual but good, and it enhances the agency paradigm.

Collaboration with clients is very specific, based on the needs of each individual company - together we find models that meet the goals of the collaboration.

At the same time, we are working on innovative media partnerships and content development that monitors and anticipates the needs of users and consumers, so that the products and brands of clients are not only in the right place at the right time, but it is an authentic manner that they engage in exciting dialogues with their audience. We challenge ourselves and take a leadership role in integrated projects, all Powered by PR.

We have redesigned our collaboration models with external colleagues and associates, working more closely with some of them. I am particularly pleased with the specializations in the profession and the experts we develop in various fields within communications.

Internal communication is gaining importance in the perception of management, which I consider to be a very positive change. In addition, there is a growing demand for communication training in companies and this is especially emphasized by the skills and knowledge of agency people, that is, their specialization and narrower expertise.

The agency is still made up of people

I'm extremely proud of the Chapter 4 team. Good people who do great work are not easy to find and it is a great challenge to keep them. We nurture the agency's culture with great care, same as what we do with our clients, and every team member makes a great contribution.

Chapter 4 employees are responsible for the innovation and success we achieve. Professional awards and clients` attention, those whose reputation and brands we are dedicated to, come as a reward.

Additionally, all of us on the team are proud of clients who are quietly and consistently, or loudly and fearlessly, changing the world for the better - through investing in environmental sustainability or improving local community conditions, through recycled packaging and non-animal-tested natural products, or through supporting those whose lives are at risk, or by initiating a dialogue on gender equality...

Jubilee marked by development

2020 will be especially significant for us as it marks 10 years of successful agency operations in Serbia and the entire Chapter 4 group, which now has as many as ten offices in markets across Central and Eastern Europe.

This is a major and significant anniversary that encourages us to think and rethink about additional innovation and development, on a personal and team level.

This is a year during which we will do our utmost to justify the trust of all employees, clients and partners and in that sense DEVELOPMENT will be our permanent partner.

Author: Tamara Bekčić