Chapter 4 Attended the Creative Days Vienna

06/02/2023   •   Agency news
Chapter 4 Attended the Creative Days Vienna
How are technologies shaping the future of cultural experiences and opening up new spaces of possibility?

The Creative Days Vienna brought together creative minds from around the world, such as DAO specialist Penny Rafferty and AI researcher Tega Brain.

The conference included a variety of talks, tours, and networking events, on 31 May and 1 June. Vienna’s cultural institutions have showcased how digital projects bring museums into the future. Focus was put on discussions about decentralized value creation processes (DAO) and the effect of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on self-determination. An innovative workshop was organized by Artivive on how to enhance performances with Augmented Reality (AR).

The Participants at Creative Days Vienna were breaking new ground in business, design, art, gaming, fashion, and visual arts. Special inspiration came from leading experts in the fields of art and technology. This was a space for knowledge transfer, cooperation, and open discussion.