Chapter 4 Attended the PRO PR Conference

05/12/2023   •   Agency news
Chapter 4 Attended the PRO PR Conference
We attended the jubilee 20th Pro PR conference, which took place at Plitvice Lakes, Croatia, for three days.

The focus was on "green public relations - green responsibility" and the importance of the continuous practice of sustainable business. More than 200 participants from 13 countries attended the conference and almost 30 public relations experts from various organizations and institutions worldwide participated in the rich expert program, through case studies, lectures, and panels.

"In the last ten years, the profession of public relations goes through digital operative transformation, and now has a new role, the role of planet Earth keeper. Every corporation, institution, event, every individual, has to have a bigger responsibility for green communication, education, and realization. We, the public relations experts, will have to influence with our advice and bring closer through projects the significance of the green responsibility", said Danijel Koletic, the President of the Organizing Committee, at the opening.

The conference was organized by Apriori World agency, and this is the only regional conference supported by the world-leading public relations association, PRCA - The Public Relations and Communications Association.