Chapter 4 ceremonially opened the regional PR conference “PRilika 2014”

11/10/2014   •   Profession news
Chapter 4 ceremonially opened the regional PR conference “PRilika 2014”

We are very proud that our own MD and co-founder of Chapter 4 Serbia, Tamara Bekčić, ceremonially opened the regional PR conference in Belgrade “PRilika 2014”.

The honor of opening the conference came after being nominated as the Eastern European Consultancy of the Year 2014, at the SABRE Awards. At the same time, that triggered the decision of the Serbian PR Association to invite Chapter 4 to open the “PRilika 2014”. This recognition confirms the fact that quality is not geographically restricted, but depends on the individuals and their willingness to work and progress regionally, as well as on the courage to push change.

"Quality exists in all of us – the professionals who try to advance in every new step we take. Quality is reflected in this conference and the remarkable team of lecturers we have managed to gather, together with the concept that best illustrates the challenges of our profession. I hope that the lectures, workshops, panel discussions and case studies have helped us review the opportunities we have," said Tamara Bekčić.

Besides the opening and closing words of Tamara Bekčić, Boris Beker (Managing Partner, Chapter 4 Group) has been invited to take part in the panel called “High expectations” and discuss local and regional parallels and expectations of PR in the years to come.

This year’s conference (6th to 7th November 2014) has set a new record in attracting a high number of PR colleagues from the whole region – 250 of them per day, while the program presented well-known experts from all over the world, workshops and successful case studies from Serbia and the region.