Chapter 4 introduces "Brands4Ever" in Macedonia

05/08/2012   •   Profession news
Chapter 4 introduces

Chapter 4 drives innovations on and introduces the research project "Brands4Ever" in Macedonia.

Consumer's decisions are taken not only intentionally. They go back to the subconscious of the consumer. Above all, emotions are what drive decisions. The already existing emotional associations, in the subconscious of the consumer, compensate for time-killing information search and decision-making processes. Emotions make consumer decisions easier and create an added value for the enterprise or the product. In a consumer society like ours, it becomes more difficult for companies to distinguish their product from the competition.

A good cost-performance ratio is often not sufficient enough. Companies must differentiate their products of functionally equivalent competition products by emotions, because emotions make products become brands. Brands create emotions, provide values, they activate, connect, strengthen the loyalty of the customer and are seldom substituted with other brands.

In order to activate emotions and communicate suitable values as well as to set up a long-term strategy, it is necessary to be totally aware of the needs of the target group. Macedonia disposes of a huge number of recognizable and strong brands, which develop steadily to a good competition of international brands. Despite, there is a lack of inquiries and assistances regarding the establishment and long-lasting supervision of brands. Up to now, there was no agency which offered brand rankings, based on a quantifiable emotional value.In order to get more competitive - also compared to international brands - companies need to have the possibility to measure their additional value, in relation to the existing competition, and to steer it strategically.

This is the reason why Chapter 4 started the research project "Brands4Ever", for the Macedonian market. Brands4Ever will collect data concerning brand loyality, brand consciousness, perceived quality and brand associations - on a basis of questionings of a carefully filtered random selection of consumers and businessmen. Furthermore, Macedonian brands will be compared with international brands and classified in the respective categories.

Based on the results, the Brands4ever team will consult companies in the area of marketing, sales, as well as public relations. The aim is not only to boost the brand value of single companies, but also in general for the Macedonian market.

Brands4Ever was successfully introduced in Macedonia on the 8th of May. The Chapter 4 team works, together with the research team of Dr. Anna M. Kjovkarova, on the finalization of the research work. The first results will be available in approx. 3 months.

A link to a short summary of the project (in Macedonian language) can be found here: Link.