Cheaper "green" electricity for households in Serbia

01/25/2024   •   Customer news
Cheaper "green" electricity for households in Serbia
As a long-term leader in the field of renewable energy sources in Southeastern Europe, the CWP Europe company marked the year 2023 with significant achievements, the key of which was the Vetrozelena project in Serbia. 
In April last year, CWP partnered with the Chinese company PowerChina Resources to build the Vetrozelena wind farm in the area of Pančevo, with an installed capacity of 300 MW, which will become the largest wind farm in Serbia and one of the largest in the region upon completion in 2025. 

In the development of wind farms and solar power plants, CWP has set new high standards in achieving green goals and strengthening local communities. Vetrozelena is just one of the projects of the CWP company in Serbia, in which it develops as many as 1,600 MW of projects using RES. The solar power plant Solarina, located in the area of the City of Zaječar, and Kima Solar in Sjenica, which will significantly contribute to increasing the capacity of solar power plants in Serbia, are in the final stage of development. 

"Solar projects in the region are making significant progress, reaching a total capacity of approximately 7.6 GW - and Serbia currently has a plan to integrate 1.73 GW of solar capacity by 2030. Our Solarina (150 MW) and Kima Solar (50 MW) projects will significantly contribute to this goal, as well as to the diversification of the energy mix," says Jovanka Atanacković, director of projects for the Serbian market at CWP Europe. 

CWP additionally confirms its role as a leader in the development of renewable energy projects in Serbia and the region through the presence of three more projects in the early stages of development - the hybrid power plant Equinox Power (200 MW) and the wind power plants Vetrogon (432 MW) and Lederata Energy (150 MW). 

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