Citizens are the biggest donors

08/23/2023   •   Profession news
Citizens are the biggest donors
Citizens, through mass giving, were the biggest donors in 2022, according to the analysis of the structure of charity by type of donor published by Catalyst Balkans, a foundation dedicated to creating and developing a philanthropic society. Citizens' donations through mass giving (SMS donations, platform, fundraising events) make up 36.5 percent of all charitable actions, and citizens most often supported non-profit organizations through fundraising campaigns (58.6 percent). 

Citizens are followed by the business sector, with 25.6 percent of actions, which are equally directed to institutions (35.8 percent) and the non-profit sector (34.2 percent) 

Individual donations make up 14.4 percent of all donations and they are most often in the form of direct help to individuals and families (82.5). That is the case with the diaspora as well. Even 89.2 percent of donations from the diaspora are intended for individuals and families. 

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