Communication with clients is crucial in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic

07/28/2020   •   Blog
Communication with clients is crucial in the era of the COVID-19 pandemic
Since I have been in communications for almost twenty years, has never been more important for clients to know that in communication agencies such as Chapter 4, they have real true trusted partners who will advise them on how to do this completely. unknown, the time of the pandemic continues to work and cope in complete uncertainty and take advantage of the opportunities that exist.

Our job, the job of a communicator, is quite complicated at this time, but also our power has become much greater and more visible to the top management in companies. Corporate communication is a serious force that must help people cope with all the challenges and changes that the pandemic has brought with it both internally and externally, and economically and healthily, starting from work from home, through no more business trips, no events ... The fact is, and it is clear to everyone, that the way we live and work today, no one could have imagined before March, but reality has forced us to adapt quickly and every day and find ways to communicate with people , within the company and externally with customers and how to bring a completely new value in this storm.

From the beginning of the pandemic, our team was available to clients 24/7 and we monitored the situation on a daily basis, new measures with which we informed clients in a timely manner, and based on them, internal procedures were adopted and business activities were adjusted. Together we created, first of all, rules and procedures for safety at work, all of which were clearly and transparently communicated mainly through e-mail communication to clients' employees. Care had to be taken to moderate this communication with information, to explain what exactly it means for employees, because they follow the same media and decisions, and the Government and the Crisis Staff, and in this general confusion, it had to be clearly and precisely explained through communication of what it specifically means for each client and their team and business. There was not one universal message, except that everyone must adhere to security measures in order to save themselves and others, but a communication strategy was created for each client individually.

In addition, we externally and clearly communicated all changes to customers of our clients' products and services in a timely manner - in the sense that some restaurants closed, pumps, that there were delays in deliveries ...
At the time of the pandemic, cooperation with the media was crucial, because all messages had to be created in such a way as to show both empathy and the importance of conveying it to a wide target group. And thanks to the excellent decades-long partnership that we as an agency have, but also our clients, I think we managed to get all the important information to our target groups in a timely manner.
When we established ways to communicate internally and externally, which happened in the first week of the pandemic, we immediately formed our small Chapter 4 CSR team that worked intensively and still works and helped clients get in touch with the B92 Fund, the Red Cross. Belgrade, the Food Bank, and other organizations such as UNICEF, and through donations, they help the health care system of Serbia the most, because it was and is the most endangered, and the health and even the lives of the entire nation depend on it. And then to other endangered groups of our compatriots. Companies that were socially responsible at the time of the pandemic and that defined and linked their services or products for the common good of the whole society have better customer loyalty and are considered more reliable and transparent.

The threat posed by COVID-19 will certainly have a lasting impact on the way companies operate, regardless of the sector the company comes from. As we all adjust during and after this crisis, it will be crucial for progress and successful business. We all know that nothing will be the same anymore, no matter how hard it falls on us. Chapter 4 is proud to have decades of experience in providing strategic communication in crisis management for both individuals and organizations from a variety of industries. We are all together in this struggle, ready to help ourselves and our clients and the community in which we work.

Author: Milena Avramovic Bjelica
The text was initially written for Ambipak portal.