Competition for internship within the “Hello Twenties” project is open

04/20/2023   •   Customer news
Competition for internship within the “Hello Twenties” project is open
The platform "Hello Twenties" has announced a competition for a six-month professional paid internship for four content creator positions. For the third year in a row, the socially responsible platform of the company Galenika offers students the opportunity to improve their communication and digital skills and to show their creative side when editing the portal, as well as managing social networks.

In a period of six months, four selected candidates will contribute to the development of innovative and useful content for young people through teamwork, and in addition to the opportunity to demonstrate their acquired knowledge and research skills, they will also have the chance to have their voices heard by a community that gathers 20,000 young people from Serbia and the region.

During the internship, candidates will also have the opportunity to attend education in the field of communication and digital skills, which the company Galenika, as the holder of the "Hello Twenties" project, in cooperation with its partners, provided to the selected candidates. The entire internship process will be accompanied by mentoring support, as well as monthly monetary compensation for the completed internship. By announcing the competition, the platform "Hello Twenties" seeks to involve creative, versatile and ambitious twenty-somethings in the creation of content intended for them and their peers.

"The internship is designed so that from the very process of applying for the internship to its completion, young people have the opportunity to express their creativity - from the choice of topics to the way they will present them. Every year there is great interest, and last year alone we had more than 200 applicants and it was a difficult task to choose only four. In addition, candidates get the opportunity to work with our team, see what the content creation process looks like, but also how Galenika works as a system," said Jelena Parojčić, Executive Director for Human Resources at Galenika.

The competition for four interns – website and social network content creators is open until May 3 at midnight, after which interviews with candidates will follow. The selection process will be completed by the end of May, and the internship lasts from July 3 to December 22.

You can find all the information on how to apply, conditions and details of engagement for the professional practice program at the LINK


Since October 2020, the "Hello Twenties" project, which is realized under the auspices of the Galenika company, supports young people in Serbia by providing them with verified and credible information in the form of recommendations and advice, all with the goal of preventing and preserving their health, as well as establishing healthy lifestyles habits. For more information about the "Hello Twenties" project, as well as tips and recommendations on how to establish healthy lifestyle habits, visit, as well as the Instagram and Facebook page.  
Competition for internship within the “Hello Twenties” project is open