Corporate communication.

Corporate activities, through the communication of values, visions and goals of the company, strengthen the corporate image, improve the corporate culture and the degree of identification of employees with the company. By developing two-way communication with the its environment, the company builds, but also manages its reputation and creates conditions for the realization of business goals.


Chapter 4 PR team supports clients in the following areas:

External communication

  • Strategic communication planning
  • Building image and support reputation management
  • Stakeholder Mapping and Relations with Target Groups
  • Financial PR and Change Management
  • B2B communication
  • Socially responsible projects
  • Media Relations
  • Reporting and evaluation of results
  • Communication trainings
  • Target Audience Relations, Logging and Public Affairs

Internal communication

  • Strategic consulting
  • Planning, development and organization of individual and team communication trainings
  • Internal communication activities
  • Internal Publications - Designing Structure and Creating Content
  • Soft-skills trainings and implementation of communication procedures internally
  • Organization of team building events, projects and engagement