Crisis PR.

Preparedness, well planned and implemented communication is the basis for crisis management. Crisis communication is based on the assessment of potential risks and the creation of an action plan or crisis manual, crisis management, media relations, communication with stakeholders, management of expectations within the business system itself, management of expectations of the community and clients. A crisis communication plan is one of the necessary strategic documents without which business risk is increased uncontrollably.
Open proactive communication can have a preventative effect on the occurrence of a crisis, or reduce the negative effects.


In the field of crisis PR we provide the following services:

  • Crisis management
  • Crisis prevention - organization of training and simulation of crisis situations, preparation of crisis manual, monitoring of potential crisis situations and proactive counseling
  • Counseling and crisis management
  • Reporting and evaluation


Our support in crisis PR includes:

  • Management in crisis situations
  • Crisis prevention – organization of trainings and crisis simulations
  • Development of crisis guidelines and handbook
  • Risks assessment and mitigation
  • Potential crisis situations monitoring and proactive consulting
  • Strategic advice
  • Reporting and evaluation