Defibrillators at MOL Serbia highway service stations

10/27/2021   •   Customer news
Defibrillators at MOL Serbia highway service stations
MOL Serbia installed automatic external defibrillators at the service stations Horgoš 1, MOL Horgoš 2, MOL Batrovci 1 and MOL Batrovci 2 and trained employees to provide first aid so that they would be ready to react in a timely manner in case of need.

Automatic defibrillators are intended for non-medical personnel. They are used for first aid in case of sudden cardiac arrest and can save lives with timely use and reaction. Studies have confirmed a significantly higher survival rate of people who have suffered a heart attack who have undergone rapid defibrillation. Highway stations are recognized as very frequent facilities visited by a large number of customers, often in transit. Due to the fact that they are located outside the city settlements, the nearest ambulance is quite far away. 

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