Discover the joy of travel with Mastercard® Travel Rewards

07/27/2022   •   Customer news
Discover the joy of travel with Mastercard® Travel Rewards
The French Riviera, the Spanish Costa Brava, the Amalfi Coast - fashionable resorts are always attractive and current. Before you start packing your bags and making plans for what to visit and how to rest, take one important step – plan with the help of Mastercard Travel Rewards, a program that brings numerous advantages at merchants around the world in one place with cash back for payments abroad. Whether it's online offers or offers at selected retailers and in stores of the most famous luxury brands around the world, if you're a Mastercard Premium card user, carefully selected benefits await you that will give your trip a new dimension. 

Exclusive hotels, restaurants, spa centers, designer boutiques or beauty shops are just some of the places where Mastercard Premium card users can expect cashback, i.e. money back in the form of a percentage or a fixed amount for purchases that, depending on the offer, can be used in stores or online. The offers are updated quarterly and are available throughout the year via a platform through which card users can be informed about new destinations and offers.