Doctoral studies with an international degree

08/02/2019   •   Profession news
Doctoral studies with an international degree

The Faculty of Applied Social Sciences (FUDŠ) and the Faculty of Media (FAM) from Slovenia, from this year, provide the opportunity to enroll in doctoral studies with the fulfillment of obligations in the Serbian language, and to obtain an internationally recognized diploma. Doctoral programs are Sociology and Strategic Communication, and provide useful knowledge in addressing everyday challenges such as entrepreneurship and business, management, economic sociology, innovation, communications, leadership, public administration, the rule of law, and many other areas of the social environment. These reputable private universities, working on modern methods and programs, have been involved in numerous EU projects. FUDS was also the first university in Slovenia with recognized doctoral studies in Bologna.

The management of these faculties has decided to provide interested people from Serbia and the Serbian-speaking area, of course, those who qualify for doctoral studies, the opportunity to study of their choice in Serbian or English, and in addition to the title of doctor of science receive an internationally recognized diploma . The programs provide numerous opportunities, in addition to the most up-to-date literature available at the Faculty Library, access to research data obtained from the Faculty, small group work, interactive lectures, dedicated and close work with mentors, as well as exchange of views with colleagues and completed doctoral students from these faculties within the special organized conferences and conferences. For three years of concrete and continuous learning, knowledge useful in business, management, strategic communication is acquired.