Doing Business Responsibly is a Must

07/21/2022   •   Customer news
Doing Business Responsibly is a Must
Ricardo Vian Marques, general manager of Galenika, expressed his views on socially responsible business and the development of this concept for Diplomacy & Commerce magazine. Ricardo says that it is not enough for a company to be a leader in sales and revenues if consumers, employees and partners do not recognize the brand as responsible from a social, environmental, cultural and sporting point of view. 

„Over the past two decades, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has blossomed as an idea and evolved at the top of the agenda of leaders in the corporate world. CSR, once a do-gooder sideshow, is now seen as mainstream. Big firms nowadays are expected to be good citizens, and they all want to show that they are. The concept of CSR became a must, a natural obligation. Today, society, in general, has higher expectations from businesses taking on public responsibilities than in previous decades. More than ever, companies are being watched. Embarrassing corporate news anywhere in the world can be captured on camera and published everywhere in an instant, thanks to the Internet and social media. In addition, concern over the negative effects of climate change has grown. The great green awakening is making company after company take a serious look at its own impact on the environment. Finally, firms are facing strong demand for enhanced CSR from their employees. Companies are forced to act positively to attract, motivate and retain superior staff. Put simply, people want to work for a company with which they can share common values.“ 

You can read the entire interview at the link.