Don`t miss it: PR reinvented

11/12/2019   •   Blog
Don`t miss it: PR reinvented

How do you see PR industry today and the role of PR professionals?

Public relations have had a major leap in the past few years with PR professionals stepping up and showing a true leadership role. The investments and competences we have been developing with a „big picture“ in mind, have proven useful and strong enough to endure the test of contemporary challenges.

As a result of this growth, we see PR taking leadership roles in many conversations around brands and companies, online and offline, through versatile channels, content creation, innovative projects and partnerships. Integrated communication is our daily routine and I think we can all be very proud of the profession transformation and the new paradigm. Agents of transformation - that is the role we are undertaking.

What does the transformation mean in practice?

There are no two clients, campaigns or brands alike and the beauty of our efforts lie in our knowledge and experience on one hand, and tremendous room for content, creativity and dialogues, on the other.

The transformation is an ongoing process which shapes our daily work and impacts the teams and cooperation models and partnerships, basically all former lines and borders, in companies and agencies, equally. This has been an issue across Europe and the U.S. in the past few years, so we knew what to expect and learn from their experience.

Company and agency based communication professionals know where their strengths lie and are not afraid to search and find specific models of cooperation for mutual benefit.

What would you recommend to your colleagues and PR professionals today?

PR was never about just media relations. We most often use the term „communications“ to replace PR, not just to avoid misperception, because it more accurately describes what we do.

Focus is relative to what the communication needs. Sometimes I see the „candy store“ syndrome. The realm of communications and channels is so wide that companies, brands and agencies get (dis)attracted, even mesmerized. You don`t have to be loved by everyone. It is the maturity that brings this great revelation, in life and in business and it is the same with companies and brands. Not everyone of them should have a YT channel. They do not need to be everywhere, present in every media and platform known to mankind, to prove their worth. It is all about being in the right place and engaging with right audience. And no, I am not saying it is easy. As agents of change, it is our duty to recognize the niches for communication one on one and shape quality, creative, meaningful content and specific models of engagement with target groups.

Author: Tamara Bekčić (the text was initially written for the exclusive publication Adbooka, organized by Marketing mreža and magazine Nedeljnik)