Dr. Oetker flavors we love in a new edition

05/15/2024   •   Customer news
Dr. Oetker flavors we love in a new edition
Dr. Oetker oatmeal is already a well-known product that is a favorite choice for breakfast or a snack for many. What is new is the redesign of the oatmeal line as well as two new flavors! The packaging has been further enhanced by the redesign and contributes to an improved enjoyment experience, better visibility, and emphasizes the key features of the product. 

The boost comes with two new summer flavors: oatmeal with strawberry and white chocolate and Natural Vibes oatmeal with prunes and cinnamon. Extraordinary combinations of juicy fruit and oatmeal bring a unique experience and are an ideal refreshing meal that provides energy throughout the day. 

Dr. Oetker has 11 different flavors in its assortment, including the Natural Vibes line which does not contain added sugars. 

In addition to simple preparation, Dr. Oetker oatmeals represent a quality meal with a naturally high fiber content. They are made from whole oat grains, contain at least 60% oat flakes, and are a source of protein. 

New Dr. Oetker oatmeal has been in stores since mid-April. For more information, visit or follow Dr. Oetker on social networks. 

The secret of a good mood and a satisfied smile is hidden in small oat grains and irresistible ingredients. Let's start the day with a light, smiling face with our favorite flavors.