Dr. Oetker's Charter of Sustainable Development

02/20/2024   •   Customer news
Dr. Oetker's Charter of Sustainable Development
Corporate responsibility and sustainable action have a long tradition in Dr. Oetker company. The company's aspiration is to create a "taste of home" together with consumers, guided by the goal of offering the best food enjoyment experiences, fulfilling people's desire for a healthier and more sustainable way of life, in order to preserve the planet for future generations and help feed us and our descendants. 

"The food industry bears a great responsibility and has a great potential impact on positive changes. Company Dr. Oetker unites activities that bring improvements for consumers, employees, the environment, and society around the world. With its activities that include economic, ecological, and social goals, Dr. Oetker responsibly implements sustainability goals in ‘Our planet’, ‘Our food’ and ‘Our Company’ dimensions,” pointed out Sanjin Laganin, general director of the company Dr. Oetker Serbia. 

Our planet: For a healthy environment and a just society 

A climate-neutral Europe is a targeted goal by the EU that should be reached by 2050 with zero air pollution. Dr. Oetker's Charter of Sustainable Development contributes to this goal and the company’s mission is to have zero carbon dioxide emissions. The company has already reduced the emission of harmful gases by 40%, using green energy from 2021 and plans further investments in renewable sources. 

The company monitors its raw materials' social and environmental aspects, aiming to establish deforestation-free supply chains for paper, sugar, palm oil, and cocoa powder by 2025. Waste is recycled, and the goal is to have 100% recyclable packaging by 2025. It is also planned to reduce organic waste by 2025. 

Dr. Oetker has used exclusively sustainable raw materials for palm oil and cocoa powder since 2022, certified by Rainforest Alliance and RSPO. The frog mark on products guarantees respect for ecological and human rights in production. The Rainforest Alliance fights for the preservation of forests, biodiversity, human rights, and combating climate change. 

Palm oil in Dr. Oetker’s products is RSPO certified, which means that they are produced on plantations controlled by independent bodies that prevent deforestation and respect workers' rights. The goal is to establish order in the production of palm oil and ensure the sustainability of the supply chain. 

All this is part of Dr. Oetker's commitment to sustainable business, to achieve climate-neutral production and preserve the environment. 

Our food: Making conscious decisions for delicious and sustainable enjoyment 

We know that what we eat today significantly affects the future of our world, our lives, and our health. By 2025, Dr. Oetker aims to ensure full transparency of nutritional values and ingredients contained in its products and to reduce the sugar content from 10 to 15 percent in product recipes. The fact that Dr. Oetker's products do not contain trans-fatty acids, also speaks in favor of improving the nutritional value and content of the product. 

Our company: We shape the world of tomorrow with today's actions 

More than 17,000 employees around the world stand behind Dr. Oetker's success and help on the way to a more sustainable future. Dr. Oetker is committed to a corporate culture based on respectful communication, a safe work environment, and a diverse workforce believing that they lead to more creativity, innovation, and sustainability. 

The goals regarding the company and employees are: to provide a safe working environment, to ensure the right to freedom of association and collective bargaining, to guarantee equality, zero tolerance for any kind of discrimination and harassment, and to pay everyone a living wage. 

From the beginning of 2023, the German Supply Chain Due Diligence Act also applies to all other locations within Dr. Oetker Group. The Law intends to improve the international situation regarding human rights. 

In Serbia, through the multi-year support of the Ecotrophelia student competition, whose ultimate goal is the development of products that are ecologically justified, Dr. Oetker emphasizes its commitment to sustainable development and supports new generations of experts in finding innovative solutions that will contribute to environmental protection and promote environmentally responsible consumption.