Chapter 4 interview: European award for quality

01/24/2024   •   Agency news
Chapter 4 interview: European award for quality
The January-February issue of Nova ekonomija magazine features an interview with Tamara Bekčić and Milena Avramović Bjelica, directors and co-founders of the Chapter 4 agency, who reflected on the previous year in communications and the agency's achievements and also talked about communication trends and prerequisites for successful communication. 

You can read the full interview below. 

How would you rate the PR industry and communication in Serbia in the past year? 
Tamara Bekčić: The Chapter 4 team participates in various professional conferences, here and in Europe. Whether we are listeners, award candidates, or jury members – for us these are valuable insights into PR practices. Each market certainly has its specifics, but there is also what is a universal quality. We see this in our daily work with clients' companies and brands in Serbia, and here I mean first of all highly conscious, comprehensive, and sustainable communication projects and practices that show the best examples of pushing boundaries in business and concerning society. There are more and more such projects and initiatives in Serbia, which makes me very happy because it shows the maturity of the PR industry and the companies' awareness of the responsibility and importance of communications for the success of the company, which is part of the wider picture - the lives of consumers or users, the local community, the market, society, the planet. 

What marked this year from the point of view of your agency?
Milena Avramović Bjelica: This was a very good year for our team and the Chapter 4 PR agency. We expanded cooperation with existing clients, we got new clients and new projects this year, we improved internally at various pieces of training, we tried to contribute to the development of the profession through participation in various conferences and, in the end, the awards arrived. Among them is the so-called European PR Oscar - European Excellence Award, for which we entered the finals with as many as two projects this year, namely two clients, Pepsico and Galenika, and we took home one of the highest, gold awards. We are very pleased with everything we have achieved as a team this year. At the European Awards in Berlin, where Chapter 4 also won the European Excellence Award, you had the opportunity to see the best of the best. 

What are the trends in communications in Europe?
Tamara Bekčić: Professional award ceremonies are a great opportunity to gain insight. We work closely with Chapter 4 agencies and colleagues across Europe, with whom we have regular meetings precisely on the topic of exchanging experiences and opinions on global trends in the industry - from passing trends to those that fundamentally change communicators and communication and bring new quality to companies, consumers, and the market. Socially responsible business is ubiquitous, and to an increasing extent, it also implies diversity, inclusion, and equality (DEI). Projects and communication practices that sustainably implement DEI policy and change for the better the environment in which they take place, literally improve the world. Such projects are of high quality, regardless of the market from which they come. Quality speaks the same language. 

What does quality and successful communication mean to you?
Milena Avramović Bjelica: Chapter 4's approach is primarily oriented towards people, respect, and ethics in communication. In our work, we are focused on strategic thinking, analytical skills, results, creativity, and contribution in a wider social context. This is possible through the constant development of each member of our team, through additional training in various fields, which help us to set communication in a new, different, and more personalized way, which then results in easier overcoming of all kinds of challenges. Quality communication aims to build relationships that contribute to the reputation of the company and its people, products, and services because this is how business support is provided and the achievement of business goals. 

The interview was also published on the Nova Ekonomija website.