Facebook divides users into important and irrelevant

09/20/2021   •   Profession news
Facebook divides users into important and irrelevant
Facebook uses a program that protects millions of VIP users and exempts them from the standard content moderation procedure. According to The Wall Street Journal, Facebook uses a program called "XCheck", which means that the VIP list of users would not be subject to the standard moderation procedures that Facebook applies to all content. 

If you use Facebook and Instagram, you also know that there are rules whose violation automatically entails the removal of the content in question. These checks rely on artificial intelligence or human moderators to check content that may be controversial. On the other hand, users on the XCheck list have much "looser" rules, and even if they post content that is not exactly according to the rules of these networks, that does not mean that it will be removed. According to the documentation that surfaced, Facebook had at least 5.8 million VIP users in 2020. 

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