Future of PR

08/01/2023   •   Profession news
Future of PR
Along with the impressive progress of technology, in a dynamically developing world, public relations (PR) will also undergo numerous metamorphoses. Data analysis and management, decision-making based on the processing of a large number of facts, and media monitoring by means of AI, will imply even greater reactivity of the PR profession and faster development of PR strategies. In other words, there will be target audiences, but in the future, everything will also pass through the prism of AI. It will be a completely new term, let's call it AI Esperanto. The communication that we are preparing for a specific target group, in order for it to gain importance, will be marketed in such a way that the AI is visible, so that this AI, perhaps rather than the target public itself, will give it importance. So, as a PR experts, we address the target public, but in such a way that AI understands, recognizes and separates, validates our communication in the right way. Who knows, but perhaps the reputations of companies and individuals will be in the hands of AI. 

At the same time, I believe that the truth, both now and in the future, is the surest way to reach the target public. An open, authentic approach will also be characterized by drastic simplification, because digest culture will become an even more rigorous "sieve" for our announcements and communication campaigns. In other words, it can mean that already at the third word or second phrase, at the first message or campaign slogan itself, we lose the interlocutor, often permanently, or gain our target audience, only momentarily. Simply, with each new communication we will conquer our target audience again and again. 

It seems that the PR profession will (if it hasn't already) begin to speak a language that AI understands. Traditional channels of communication have been dying for a long time and in this sense, some changes are taking place which we are witnessing. Radio, which is normally my favorite medium from which I myself came, is increasingly becoming only a companion of rare, lonely drivers who failed to "pack" their favorite music or make a playlist for the trip, and yet the podcast is a new form of radio journalism. in modern, digital packaging with instant use whenever it suits us. Mobile phones become a shortcut to all communication channels and a tool that gives real power - share, and rating to certain media. 

In addition to strategies, PR strategists will develop much more efficient and effective one-time communication plans. When it comes to Crisis PR, every crisis situation will require incredible composure and at the same time exceptional agility and reactivity of PR experts who will seek support from the internal public. It is the employees who should become the first line of defense of the brand's reputation. And that is why healthy internal communication will be one of the basic prerequisites for quality and sustainable external communication. 

The question is often asked: will AI take over our jobs in the future? However, it is better to think in such a way that AI will only help us to do our work even better, through the automation of repetitive tasks, thereby saving time, reducing costs, and increasing efficiency. On the other hand, it will provide insights for the development of better strategies, understanding of target groups, and more efficient segmentation, which increases the quality and efficiency of communications. 


The article was intitally published on PRO.PR, and the author is Emilija Lilić, who won the international PRO.PR Award for contributiuon to the profession.