Galenika announced a competition for journalists

04/09/2024   •   Customer news
Galenika announced a competition for journalists
On the occasion of World Health Day, which is celebrated on April 7, the Galenika company is launching a competition and awarding prizes for media articles for the third year in a row. The theme of this year's competition is: "Prevention: A Sustainable Vision of Health"

We invite journalists from the territory of Serbia to actively participate in Galenika's competition. Bearing in mind the power and mission of the media, the idea is to contribute together to raising awareness about the importance of prevention and its very measurable impact on health preservation. 

Advancing the global prevention agenda has been embraced by countries around the world. As a company that has been dedicated to people and loyal to health for 79 years, Galenika continuously invests in the topic of prevention and emphasizes the fact that it must be high on the list of priorities of every individual, as well as the community. Prevention can significantly reduce the risk factors that lead to chronic diseases and conditions or slow their progression. It improves overall health, reduces healthcare expenditures, and helps people effectively manage existing illnesses to maintain health and quality of life. 

In order to participate, you need to send your article on this year's topic, published in the period from April 8 to May 15, 2024, to: The media publication can be in the form of an article or an interview and must have 1500 characters (including spaces) or more. 

The article can be about various areas of prevention, adoption of healthier habits, scientific and medical achievements, regular medical examinations, practices in modern treatment, the progress of medicine, advice of medical experts, or convey the message of the old proverb in another way: "It is better to prevent rather than treat". 

The three best articles, according to the evaluation of the expert jury, will be awarded systematic examinations for two people each in a private health facility, and the first prize winner will also win a spa weekend for two. 

In addition, the published articles, that are submitted to the contest, will be awarded with Galenika product packages and certificates of appreciation for their contribution to raising awareness and promoting the importance of prevention for sustainable health. 

Information about the conditions of the competition can be found on the Galenika website.

The deadline for sending articles and participating in the contest is May 15, 2024, by which time you can submit a published article, a link to a publication, or an image of a publication in printed media by email, with information about the author, the medium that published the article, and the date of publication. The winners will be announced by the end of May.

Illustration: Freepik