Galenika donated funds to the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases "Dedinje"

06/29/2022   •   Customer news
Galenika donated funds to the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases "Dedinje"
Galenika company donated to the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases "Dedinje", funds in the amount of 80,000 (eighty thousand) EUR in RSD equivalent. The goal of the donation is to support the work of the National Institute and additional modernization of the equipment needed for the efficient treatment of patients coming from the entire country and the region. The donated amount was used to purchase a state-of-the-art endoscopic video pillar, which in 3D mode enables the operation of patients who have heart valve disorders. The key advantage provided by this medical device is that an almost invisible surgical incision is created during the operation, the surgical trauma of the patient is reduced, and it enables significantly faster recovery and continuation of normal life. In addition, the new device enables a significant increase in the number and shortening of the duration of operations. 

"In the year when we are marking 77 years of successful business, Galenika is showing its lasting commitment to responsible business with this donation. We are especially honored to have had the opportunity to help such an important institution as the Institute for Cardiovascular Diseases "Dedinje". We believe that the purchase of a new device enables the Institute to improve the conditions for the treatment of patients. The Grand Charter of the Institute for Outstanding Contribution to the Work and Development of the Institute, which we received from the Institute on this occasion, assures us that as a company we will remain persistent on our path of commitment to people and loyalty to health, 'said Jelena Parojcic, Executive Director for Human Resources at Galenika. 

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