Galenika - donation campaign for the fight against breast cancer

10/04/2023   •   Customer news
Galenika - donation campaign for the fight against breast cancer
The pharmaceutical company Galenika has been actively supporting the fight against breast cancer for the fourth year in a row through its socially responsible project, which includes a donation and a campaign to raise awareness about the importance of prevention and early diagnosis for the success of treatment. Namely, throughout October, Galenika will set aside 20 dinars for each purchased Galenika Pantenol product (whether it is Pantenol cream, ointment, solution, oriblets, or foam) for this humanitarian initiative. This time, Galenika will donate funds to the Institute of Oncology of Vojvodina in Sremska Kamenica, joining the efforts of this significant institution in the fight against breast cancer.

Galenika's campaign this year is called ’Pantenol talks about breasts’, and in addition to the donation itself, it also points to the importance of prevention, early diagnosis, and regular self-examinations. In previous years, donations were directed to the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia, as well as the Women's Center ’Milica’ for the needs of the National Center for providing experiential support to women suffering from breast and cervical cancer. In this way, Galenika actively supports the fight against breast cancer because this a topic that requires information and community. 

Breast cancer, as stated on the website of the ’Dr. Milan Jovanović Batut’ Institute for Public Health, is the leading cause of ailment and mortality from malignant diseases in the female population worldwide. According to the same source, when detected in time, breast cancer is curable in over 90 percent of cases, which is extremely important information. Early diagnosis also opens the door to new, less invasive, and more effective treatments and therapies. Early diagnosis and prevention not only help save lives, but also improve the quality of life of patients. 

Emotional support and care provided by family and community play a large role in the healing process. For this reason, the ’Pantenol Breast Story’ is based on the message: Share - Remind - Check. Every customer of Galenika's Pantenol product during October participates in a donation to the Institute and contributes to the improvement of treatment conditions. 

According to the website of the Institute of Oncology of Vojvodina, over 70 percent of breast cancer cases are discovered by women themselves during self-examination. That is why, in addition to annual check-ups with a doctor, self-examination of the breasts at home, once a month, is also recommended. It only takes a few minutes, which means a lot, and it is a set of prescribed palpation steps that everyone can and should perform regularly.

Data confirm that breast self-examination, medical examinations, and other preventive measures are of great importance in the fight against breast cancer. Let this October, together with Galenik, be a month in which we remind and check our health and pay special attention to the story of the breast.