Galenika helps the Institute of oncology and radiology of Serbia

11/23/2021   •   Customer news
Galenika helps the Institute of oncology and radiology of Serbia
Galenika has donated funds to the Institute of Oncology and Radiology of Serbia (IORS) again this year. It is a national institute that deals with diagnostics, treatment and counseling of oncology patients. Namely, during October, Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Galenika launched a campaign dedicated to raising awareness on the subject, while allocating funds from the sale of Pantenol products for the planned support. The amount of this year's donation is over one and a half million dinars, and the goal is to help the Institute and further improve the conditions of treatment of patients from all over the country. 

"The donation is the result of the company's commitment to people and health care. Our purpose is reflected in quality assurance, and that means the highest standards in production, care for employees and consumers, but also concern for society as a whole. We are grateful to everyone who supported the action, because together we contribute to raising awareness of the importance of prevention and regular examinations, as well as improving the conditions for diagnosis and treatment of cancer patients, "said Ricardo Vian Marques, CEO of Galenika. 

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