Galenika launched a new development program for young people

05/29/2024   •   Customer news
Galenika launched a new development program for young people
The Galenika company has launched a new training program for young staff called "Healthy Start". This program is an example of the company's strategic determination to invest in knowledge and specialised practice for young staff in professional positions, through a detailed, modern mentoring program led by managers from the company. In addition, Galenika offers trainees expertly guided project assignments, active participation in business projects and career development with the possibility of permanent employment after completing the program. 

Who is Galenika's program intended for and what opportunities does it offer?

 The program is intended for high school seniors and students who have completed basic studies of medical, pharmaceutical and dental sciences at the Universities of Belgrade, Novi Sad, Niš and Kragujevac, as well as high school graduates of technical high schools in Belgrade. First of all, the program is intended for young people who meet the requirements of the program and have the desire to improve their skills in the pharmaceutical industry, in one of the leading companies. Six selected students and 10 selected high school students will have the opportunity to attend Galenika's program. 

"Galenika's "Healthy Start" is a continuation of previous investments in the community and education, and an additional illustration of the company's commitment to people. In this program, we focus on young people who have acquired professional knowledge and are on the threshold of their careers. The program is especially attractive to those interested in starting their career in a successful and modern pharmaceutical company with a regional presence, which understands the need for constant development in accordance with the progress of the pharmaceutical industry, technology and health needs. We will provide young people with the professional support and motivation they need to become top experts in our industry, as well as great colleagues," said Jelena Parojčić, executive director for human resources at the Galenika company. 

The program offers candidates the opportunity to recognize their knowledge and potential, as well as to connect with colleagues. This is an opportunity to get acquainted with the framework of business in the pharmaceutical industry, technology, product range, market challenges and advantages of working in Galenica, as well as to use already acquired theoretical knowledge in practice. A particularly important element is the commitment of Galenika's experienced managers to the trainees through mentoring, and upon successful completion of the program, the company offers young people the opportunity to start a professional career in Galenika.

Industry development leaders 

Galenika is a company of experts that employs more than 800 people in which it continuously invests, in Serbia and the region. Last year, as many as 6,359 hours of training were realized. Additional development of the Galenika E-learning platform for employees is underway this year, with new opportunities for digital learning. 

Commitment to education also includes a positive impact on partners and support for the education of healthcare workers and pharmacists. The Galenika Academy is a program intended for the professional public, and last year it had as many as 11,000 participants, which makes up 70% of the pharmacy community in Serbia. The company also developed the Galiverse educational application for pharmacists and technicians in pharmacies, which is used by two thousand pharmacies, as well as by 4,500 professional users. 

Two years ago, Galenika launched Galenika Medical Journal - the first professional journal in the native language for doctors, which is now available not only in Serbia but also to the professional public in the region. 

Galenika invests in the promotion of prevention and education of young people through its socially responsible project "Hello Twenties", within which it has been implementing a program of professional, paid internships intended for undergraduate and master's students for four years in a row.