Galenika research: Usage of medication in Serbia

12/06/2022   •   Customer news
Galenika research: Usage of medication in Serbia
Pharmaceical company Galenika has organized a nationwide research about the medical conditions and usage of medications in Serbia. This particular research has been realized with the aim to see how the population is changing after or rather because of the pandemic. Habits and needs of the citizens of Serbia are changing, and the awareness about importance of prevention of illnesses as well as the need to combat health risks and challenges is evident.

"Galenika as a pharmaceutical company is data-driven to a high extent. Knowledge is precious and compliments our efforts in making an impact on society, as well as for our product portfolio expansion towards relevant, high-quality products optimized for the actual needs of consumers. The results are valuable and they tell us that usage of medications in Serbia is consistent with the countries in the region where we have conducted the research too. The results are illustrative of the time we live in and point towards the need for awareness raising and active support in prevention", said Ricardo Vian Marques, General Manager of Galenika.

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