Galenika starts new investment cycle with focus on environmental protection

10/29/2021   •   Customer news
Galenika starts new investment cycle with focus on environmental protection
Galenika company, which is part of the Brazilian NC Group, starts a new investment cycle in Serbia. The plan is to invest in the construction of a technologically state-of-the-art warehouse for raw materials and packaging, as well as the modernisation of the boiler room for the production of thermal energy. The value of these investments is EUR 6.2 million, with the expected realization by the beginning of 2023. 

"After investments in the amount of EUR 12 million in the previous 3 years with a focus on digitalization of business processes and expansion of product portfolios, we have started a new cycle in line with the company's permanent commitment to invest in energy efficiency and environmental impact. We are continuously working on increasing the energy efficiency of existing facilities. When designing new facilities, we are focused on the application of renewable energy sources and a neutral impact on the environment. With its privatization, Galenika became part of the Brazilian NC Group and represents a very important investment in Europe, a company with great potential. The implementation of the global corporate policy of the Group, the improvement of energy efficiency and investments in the latest technology contribute to the constant development and further strengthening of Galenika's position in Serbia and in the region. ", said Ricardo Vian Marques, General Manager of Galenika.

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