Galix mobile application to strengthen healthy habits

03/16/2022   •   Customer news
Galix mobile application to strengthen healthy habits
Galenika has launched a free mobile application - Galix, which aims to support the strengthening of healthy user habits. The Galix app provides on-the-spot, real-time information and tracking of key parameters useful to the daily organization in order to promote a healthy lifestyle. 

The functionalities of the application include daily information on environmental and health conditions in the user's environment, anywhere in Serbia, such as air quality, allergen levels, UV radiation index and green zones in the area. Galix also provides users with daily, practical tips for improving their environment, and is a digital planner for a healthy lifestyle, as it allows data entry and reminders of routines and obligations related to a healthy lifestyle (scheduled doctor visits, therapy and other obligations). This is why Galix is a reliable and efficient ally in caring for the quality of life of users and family members. 

For more information, visit the link.