Health tailored to Generation Z

12/27/2023   •   Customer news
Health tailored to Generation Z
They are called Generation Z, post-millennials, iGeneration, and even Plurals, and demographers consider the mid-nineties of the 20th century to be the beginning of their generation, and end it with the beginning of the 2010s. To their parents, professors, and everyone else, they are "just" twenty-year-olds, with all the classic features and circumstances that come with that age. These are college, studying, obligations, love problems, questioning, decisions, and first responsibilities, towards others, but also yourself. 

Although they were born in a completely digital age, growing up in the time we live in has brought them feelings of anxiety and insecurity. Mental health is talked about more openly than ever, precisely thanks to their honest attitude towards this topic. Many other health topics, such as a healthy and balanced diet, physical activity, hormonal status, reproductive health, as well as addictions lurking around every corner, have an inextricable cause-and-effect relationship with mental health. The new upcoming generation and precisely this social context were the inspiration for the Galenika company to create a health and preventive hub for young people. 

The company Galenika, the oldest pharmaceutical company in Serbia, initiated a dialogue with those on whom the future lies, and in 2020 launched a unique platform "Hello Twenties". In a sea of unverified information on health-related topics, "Hello Twenties" is a place that offers relevant information with a focus on prevention, with an understanding of everything that today's generation of twenty-year-olds faces. 

You can read the entire article about the "Hello Twenties" project on the page of the Nova ekonomija magazine. The article was prepared for the Leaders of Social Responsibility edition.